Rubber Stamps

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Our traditional rubber stamps feature hardwood mounts and handles and are hand made to fit your stamp.  The rubber used for the die is long-lasting and can be used with all types of stamp inks.   Stamp sizes cam range from, 3/8" high to 3" high by any reasonable length.

If you need stamps larger than 3 inches high we can make those too.

This style of stamp is very popular with artisans and craftspersons who want to stamp their products, receipt books as well as paper boxes and bags.

Made in Canada Rubber Stamp

Traditional rubber stamps are available from 3/8" to 3" high by any reasonable length.

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps have a built-in stamp pad and are good for 1000's of impressions.  The stamp pad is inexpensive and easily changed.  This stamp provides a convenient and compact solution, ideal for all-day use.  The stamp pads are available in several colours and mutli-colour stamps are also available.  Date stamps are also available.

Trodat self-inking stamps

Self-inking stamps for high volume applications

Signature Stamps

Signature stamps are created from a copy of your signature - we scan in your signature and create the stamp artwork from that.  Signature stamps are available in traditional rubber stamp mounts or as self-inking stamps.  We will need your signature on white unlined paper, preferably with black ink.  We will also need to know the size of the finished signature.  Additional text can be placed over or under the signature.

In addition to signature stamps, we can supply you with notary stamps, engineering stamps, bank deposit stamps, commissioner of oaths stamps and many more.

Rubber signature stamp

Signature stamps are made from your scanned-in signature

Stamp Pads

We carry TRODAT stamp pads in a variety of sizes and colours, as well as replacement pads for self-inking stamps.  

TRODAT Stamp Pad

TRODAT Microcell Stamp Pad 

Sticks and Boards rubber stamp

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