Silver trophy cup on woodgrain desktop
Need something engraved?

Engraving Services

Do you have an annual award plaque, trophy or cup that you need a plate for?  We do that.  Have an item that you would like personalized?  We do that too!

Laser Engraving

Our CO2 laser can engrave some coated metals including lacquered engraving plates, anodized aluminum, wood, acrylic, paper and cardstock, leather and glass. We have trophy plates in stock which we cut to size to fit your award. Not everything can be laser engraved - reach out to us with details of your project and we can lay out some solutions. Some metals can be marked using a ceramic coating that the laser turns black. We also have a variety of laserable materials that can be applied to your project. Check out this blog post about materials that can be laser engraved.

Reverse laser engraving on acrylic award.

This acrylic award is laser engraved on the reverse side.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving has been around for a long time.  This is the go-to method to mark metal giftware items. jewellery, and to update annual plaques and trophies where the existing engraving has been done using the diamond drag method.  Rotary engraving works best on softer metals like brass and aluminum.

Rotary engraving on metal key fobs.

Rotary engraving on metal key fobs.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing allows for a colour image transfer with special inks and special paper onto coated surfaces made for sublimation printing.  We use this method to make colour plates for plaques and for colour name badges, and custom coffee mugs.

Sublimation printed plate on a piano finish plaque.

Sublimation printing is ideal for plaques where a colour image or logo is needed.

Sand Carving

Sand Carving is the best way to decorate glassware, glass and crystal awards as well as stone items.  The artwork is generated on the computer and a stencil mask is created and applied to the item.  The parts of the item not being engraved are protected, and the item is sandblasted using special fine-grit silicon carbide abrasive.  On some items such as stone, paint fill can be applied to the engraved areas before the stencil mask is removed.  

Sand carving produces a better result in most cases than other methods like laser engraving.

Sand carved whiskey glasses for Mr. and Mrs.

Sand carving produces a superior result on glassware.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machine gets called upon for a variety of tasks including engraving deep into wood for projects like carved signs and to shape wooden parts.

Wood plaque engraved with CNC machining using the VCarve method.

Interior wood sign made for a retirement home to celebrate residents who reach 100 years of age.