Quartzite stone engraved with trilobite design

Quartzite stone engraved with trilobite design This trilobite engraved onto a half quartzite stone turned out spectacular. The stone was about 9 inches in the longer dimension.

Engraved Garden Stones and Pet Memorials

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Garden Stones

Every garden needs something whimsical to make it unique.  We can use your idea or show you some of our own to make something special.  Why not give us a call and we can show you some ideas, or take your idea and show you how it can look carved in stone!

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Pet Memorials

Pets are members of our family and when one passes we want to remember them.  Pet memorial stones are a great way to show how much they meant to you and your family.  We hand make each memorial stone with your input on font, artwork and arrangement.  To get the design just right we make virtual proofs to show the design on the stone and make adjustments until it is just right.  

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Welcome Stones

These make wonderful gifts for newlyweds or new home owners - a thoughtful piece that can sit on the front porch to introduce the home.  You can be assured that another one just like it will not be unwrapped!  These are available in a range of sizes from 5-8 inches up to 24 inches.  The artwork on the stone can include a house number, a marriage date, or depict a favourite hobby or pastime.

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Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift for a person retiring after a long career?  Or perhaps you need to present a speaker with a gift that is unique but still has tasteful branding?   Put it onto a stone!  We could use a corporate logo or brand, or display a company value.  Give something that will last forever.

Witnesses to Hope

Witnesses to Hope

Witnesses to Hope was the theme of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario recently and this garden stone was commissioned as a presentation gift.

Faith Seeking Understanding

Faith Seeking Understanding

This stone features the logo and motto of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School and was commissioned as a presentation gift.

Sand Carved Mugs

One of the beauties of Sand Carving is that you can create just one item - you don't need to have a minimum quantity! A single mug sand carved with your text or artwork is $15.00 per mug.

To make these mugs a rubberized mask is created and applied to the mug. Special abrasive is then blown against the mask, and the ceramic glaze is removed exposing the colour of the raw ceramic inside. For this reason darker mugs will show more contrast; a white or light coloured mug would be hard to see since the ceramic has a similar colour.


sandcarved mugs

Sand carved ceramic mugs