Geocaching Logo carved into Corian

Geocaching is a great outdoor hobby and pastime where players ‘hide and seek’ a hidden cache using a hand held GPS.  The locations are often very well hidden to make them difficult to find, especially if you are not looking  for them.  In this case the cache was located in a flower bed and there was concern that cachers looking under rocks would soon damage the flower bed at this commerical building, so it was decided to make it obvious which rock to search under.

The plaque is made from half inch thick Corian, V-Carved to a depth of almost 0.4 inches.  The resulting product was then painted to match the logo and affixed to the rock with silicone.

For more information about Geocaching see  The Geocaching Logo is a registered trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. Used with permission.  Note that items with this geocaching logo are not available for sale due to copyright restrictions.


Rock with Geocaching Logo in Corian
The Geocaching Logo identifies the cache in the flower bed.
Geocaching marker carved in Corian
Geocaching logo and Cache ID carved from Corian.